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5 Straightforward Principles to Guide You as a Young Leader

young leader

As a young in a growing business, you’re probably clamoring to maintain control as things change — I know I was with my own company. Unfortunately, in my quest for control, I was actually doing my team a disservice. One of the core values at my company was to elevate everyone around you. Yet as a young leader, I was stuck in the weeds and getting in the way of the talented people we hired to get the job done.   

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4 Employee Benefits Millennials Want More Than Snacks and Nap Pods

millennials desire these employee benefits

Millennials get it. They’re the newcomers in the workplace. They’re portrayed in media as flighty, spoiled kids whose main career motives are driven by the option to wear sweatpants and use a beanbag as a desk. I should know; I’m a millennial myself. And, I know what millennials want.   

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Facebook Personal Branding: 5 Ways to Help Build Your Online Reputation

facebook personal branding

As of right now, Facebook has more than 1 billion active daily users. It was also reported in 2015 that about a quarter of all social media referrals came from Facebook.

So let’s talk about some Facebook personal branding techniques that will help build your online reputation.   

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Try Something New: How to Spark Success in Business and In Life

try something new

It’s easy to get lost in routine. After all, our jobs require us to regularly perform the same set of tasks. To deliberately fight off that feeling, I decided to try something new: I wrote a children’s book.

In the process, I learned a lot of the lessons that have helped me succeed in business and in life that may help you as well…

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Building Relationships: The Art of Personal Networking

building relationships

Reframing my sense of how networking works has transformed me from a skeptic into an enthusiast, albeit perhaps a little late.

I truly believe that starting a conversation about networking and its value in college (and even high school) will change the culture that surrounds it, and in the process, create more thoughtful future business leaders.   

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Realistic Goals: How to Set Them and Ultimately Achieve Them

realistic goals

How many times have you set reasonable, realistic goals and couldn’t follow through? After all, goals are often set, but expectations aren’t always met.

Setting even realistic goals won’t do you much good if you don’t have a specific plan of attack…   

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