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Join the Conversation: Twitter Chats Build Your Brand

Twitter Chat

It’s 2013, and whether or not your brand or company should be on social media is no longer up for debate. Instead, the question has become how your brand should be on social media.

Social media where your job search competition as well as your customers will be. If you use Twitter, you haven’t really experienced the power social media has to bring people together until you’ve participated in a Twitter chat.   

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Nicki Minaj Has Good Advice for Your Career

When you hear the name ‘Nicki Minaj,’ a few thoughts probably come to mind: maybe you think of her alter ego, “Roman”, or you start singing one of her catchy songs like “Super Bass” or “Starships” in your head.

With the possible exception of aspiring music artists, most people probably don’t consider Nicki Minaj’s music for professional advice. That doesn’t mean her lyrics don’t contain a few words of wisdom about building a successful career, (sometimes squeezed between less appropriate lines!).   

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