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4 Reasons You Should Obsessively Track Career Achievements


Do you keep an active list of career accomplishments, responsibilities and results? Do you obsess over quantifying your contributions at work?

You should, because your career, someday, may depend on it…   

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These 10 Old School Networking Tips Are Still Important Today

Old School Networking

We live in an age of ceaseless self-promotion, but that doesn’t mean your every exhale needs to contain a horn-tooting statement; every keystroke need not be a mini press release. To many, though, this is exactly what the word “networking” implies: an all-out firestorm of meeting and greeting, everything delicately iced with your signature brand of modest self-congratulation. Who wants to deal with all that pressure? Who wants to read all the self-promoting spam? No wonder networking makes so many so uncomfortable. Well, done right, networking needn’t be this stressful or feel this sleazy. Instead, take a cue from good   

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3 Reasons a Branded Personal Website Will Get You Hired


Ask the self-employed and solopreneurs for advice on how to get your next gig and you’ll hear the same thing, over and over:

“You need a website to land clients”

Now ask yourself: If I am in a job search, doesn’t this same logic apply to me? Or is a killer resume and LinkedIn profile all you need?   

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5 Ways to Regain Control of Your Career (And Get That Dream Job)

You Must Create Your Job

Here’s what the most successful young careerists have learned since the economy changed way back in 2008:

The perfect job isn’t going to find you… and toss itself upon a silver platter in front of you. To achieve your ideal career, you must engage in techniques that will catapult you toward success…   

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New to Networking? THIS is How It’s Done!

Networking Done Right

\By now, you know that networking is the only real way into your dream job.

But are you doing it right?

Last week I experienced the ultimate networking experience… let’s say hello to “Ginny”…   

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The Gig Economy: Stop Looking for a Job; Start Selling Your Skills

Got Skills

Today’s job market is dramatically different than it was just a short time ago. We’re now living in a “gig economy” where one- to five-year stints are the norm and people need to plan their careers around a market that’s becoming more and more unpredictable.

From an employer’s perspective, the gig economy is all about relevancy. How relevant are the skills you have to solving the problems my business faces?   

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