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  • Designerworld


    I am an Aus fashion student and would like to do an internship at a Italian  Fashion house.
    what do I need to do and is simply a study visa?  some said I need to register with a Italian school

  • Jade Carter

    I need tips on writing a personal statement for an internship at a non profit (who’s mission is very broad.) 

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  • Students&College

    What does Youtern have to say about Student Assessment tools to aid in college search, major fit and career transition?

  • Muneeb

    I am in 7th semester ofelectrical and electronics engineering at IIT Kanpur. I am looking for an internship during winter vacation (december). Plz recommend me some good companies that offer internship in winter.
    Thanking you

  • Jo45

    Hi, I am designated as customer service associate but i was involved in lot of projects/process improvements,testings and trainings – BA title is what fits in as the BA role matches with lot of it.

    I am confused as my title would not even fetch interview can anyone shed light on how I just can have the resume title as .

    Please help desperate.

  • sally

    I’ve been a stripper for the last 5 years.. should i put this on my resume?

  • Armand

    I need an Intership in logistics or Health,Safety and Environment

  • Batman

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