Networking Today: All About Business and Personal Relationships

personal relationshipsWhat is networking anyway? Plain and simple: networking is about business and personal relationships!

So don’t be turned off by the “networking” term. Instead, learn how to use your existing relationships to help you network. Based on relationships with people you already have, seek to gather information, acquire recommendations, find out interesting things, uncover solutions… the list goes on and on!

Here’s how to use your personal relationships to acquire information. Then use that insight to help your job search.

The Personal Relationships Matter

Let’s keep it simple. You already have a list of people you know. These are your friends, family, neighbors or the people you know well. This is your current network. After all, these people care about you and your well-being. Have you ever asked any of them for the name of a good electrician, or what kind of car they drive or their favorite restaurant? Why? Because the thought of pulling a name out of directory is risky. You want something reliable at a fair price and you trust the recommendation of someone you know. Right?

What you were doing was looking for information! You were looking for their help!

Now use these people to help you! These are a few ideas:

  • Tell them specifically what type of job you are looking for and ask if their company is hiring or they know of a company hiring for that role
  • Ask for their recommendation on good companies to work for and with
  • Ask if they know anyone who works inside a company you are interested in working for or are about to apply to

Your Extended Professional Network

This network is comprised of people you may have only interacted with professionally. They could be vendors, suppliers, customers and also competitors. They could be people you have served on committees with. You do have a relationship with these people. After all, if you called any of them on the phone they would recognize your name! Have you ever asked anyone in this set of connections for advice, recommendations, information? If so, you’ve networked!

Try asking them these questions:

  • What companies are growing right now?
  • What skills do you need to highlight to be in-demand in their field?
  • Is there anyone else you would suggest I speak to for more information on what’s happening in our field?

Who Else Do You Need in Your Network?

We all can benefit from growing our network. So who are the people you want to meet? Create a list of people you would like to meet. They could be movers and shakers in your industry. It could also be a person whose name comes up frequently in conversation. I know this can seem difficult, so here is some help: Tips for creating your networking bucket list

As you write down names, also write down WHY you want to meet these people.

Networking is So Misunderstood!

I keep writing about networking because it is so misunderstood by those new to job search. If you consider yourself to be the owner of your own business (Me, Inc!) then maybe you would understand the power and importance of building a more targeted network flled with business and personal relationships.


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