#InternPro Chat: Toxic Workplaces: How to Fix Them Before they Break You

toxic workplacesYou find yourself in a beautiful world full of sunshine and happiness. Everything is peaceful and perfect. But… there’s an annoying buzz in the background that seems to be growing louder. Suddenly, you’re pulled from your dream by the incessant bawling of your alarm clock. As the dream fades, reality sets in: time to go to work. That place you’ve grown to hate; a proverbial stress nursery. No doubt: toxic workplaces can make you feel this way… and worse.

It doesn’t have to be like that. You may think that leaving your job is the only answer. But don’t jump too soon. Even a toxic company culture can change for the better. And you can help make that change a reality, and turn a nightmare situation into a dream job. Or at least a tolerable place to work.

How do you identify toxic workplaces? How do you help the culture change for the better? And how do you know when it’s time to give up… and move on?

Join us for our #InternPro Chat on Monday evening, January 22nd, as we discuss toxic workplaces and how we might go about initiating real change. (Even if that change means finding a better job at a better company.)

We’ll Begin By Discussing the Following Questions…

Q1: What makes a workplace “toxic”? What are some red flags we should watch out for at our employer?

Q2: Your thoughts? “I can’t fix a culture from the bottom up. This place is toxic, and will stay toxic after I’m gone.”

Q3: How do you identify, and then focus on, the good things at work… even when the culture isn’t the best?

Q4: A friend takes a job at what seemed to be a great company, but the culture is terrible. What’s your best advice?

Q5: How do you know when it’s time to stop hoping for the best, and leave a company due to the poor work environment?

Q6: You left a job because of the toxic culture. How do you explain that to your next employer and on your resume?

Q7: How do I create my own functional sub-culture ‒ a “pocket of excellence” ‒ within a toxic workplace? Is it possible?

Q8: You are CEO for the day! How would you, behind the buck-stops-here desk, start to fix a terrible company culture?

Gandhi told us to be the change we wished to see in the world. The same is true in our careers. Whether we influence change at our current job, or seek a different path, the onus in on us.

Let’s get together and discuss what we can do to fix toxic workplaces.



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