2017 Edition: How to Creatie an All-Star LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

Despite the growing influence growing influence of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn remains the top networking site for professionals. To effectively take advantage of the power of the platform, however, users must develop an All-star LinkedIn profile.

The first thing visitors see is your profile. So, you want it to stand out and grab their attention. But it’s not easy and there so many details to consider.

Creating the All-star LinkedIn Profile

From headshots to headlines, a stellar LinkedIn profile requires just the right elements. This infographic from TopDogSocialMedia provides a handy guide to every aspect of an all-star profile. Compiled by Melonie Dodaro, author of “The LinkedIn Code,” it takes you step by step through the creation of a profile that will get you noticed.

Take a look, then start building your All-star LinkedIn profile today!


all-star linkedin profile



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