The Workplace Newbie’s Guide to Surviving Day One [Infographic]

Everybody has their first day. And not all of them go exactly to plan. So today, we’re happy to present this infographic from ChairOffice titled, “The Office Newbie’s Survival Guide: Surviving Day One.”

From looking ahead to what you’ll need on the first day of the job (don’t forget cash for the vending machine!) to what not to bring for lunch (you really want tuna salad or that boiled egg smell to be your first impression?), it’s all in here.

Our favorite part of the infographic: the “Top Tip” segments. Don’t miss those, or you may not know what to do when you forget someone’s name or find yourself asking a question before you searched Google for the answer!

Enjoy this great advice… and you’ll be more than ready for surviving day one!

For even more great advice on thriving during day one of your new job, see “First Day at Work: Five Things You Must Do.”


surviving day one



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  • Great information. I would stress the pen and paper a bit more, and not just for meetings.

    When you get a tour of the offices, make a quick sketch showing key locations (bathroom, break room, boss’s office, mail room, etc.) Soon enough, you’ll know your way around, but this will speed the process.

    You will be inundated with new information and you won’t yet know what’s important and what’s not, so write down as much of it as you can. What’s the receptionist’s name? What day of the week is the staff meeting? Where do you go for paper clips? Write down a note and you’ll avoid having to ask for the information again (and again, and again).