13 Tips to Help Nail Your Next Job Search [Infographic]

So few good jobs and internships available. And so much competition.

So how do you stand out? How do you know you’re doing everything possible to win this all-important competition?

This infographic from The Jobsearch Coach does a great job of showing us 13 ways we can all nail our next job search. From demonstrating leadership, to selling your real value to the employer, and the importance of being a good listener… it’s all in here!

Enjoy the read, and then ask yourself: “Am I doing everything I can to secure my next job?”


Job Search Infographic



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  • Good points. These days, employers and recruiters expect more, and often the best way for interns in Hong Kong to impress them is to make an investment in your employment future, and have your resume professionally constructed. Remember, if your resume isn’t a winner, it’s a killer. Do it right.