In Minutes a Day: How to Stay Relevant on LinkedIn

th (4)In today’s job market, it isn’t enough just to be on LinkedIn. You must be active on LinkedIn!

But what does “active” look like? And how do you find time to be perceived as relevant on yet another social network?

Here are several ways you can prove to employers, networkers and influencers that you are working hard to build a solid network, share quality content and be a thought leader in your industry. And each takes just a few moments of your time.

Write Your Own Status Update

As soon as you log in to LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to provide a custom status update. Of the many topics you can include here, impactful updates could include:

  • Events you are attending (perhaps with a “See you there!” messsage)
  • Accomplishments at work, school or in your volunteer assignments
  • Thank you statements to mentors and influencers
  • Awards, achievements and honors received
  • New high-profile connections made
  • Blog posts you’ve written
  • And more!

Share Articles You Find On LinkedIn

If you are following Influencers on LinkedIn or have set your Pulse news feed to share the right information, you easily have access to loads of information to share. Just scroll through your home feed and look for an interesting article. (Remember, on LinkedIn people prefer updates on industry and company news, or tips/hacks to make them better at their jobs.)

Share An Article You Find Elsewhere

Every website provides sharing buttons (almost) so you can share the article on many different social media sites. Just click on the icon to share it to the social media platform and you’ll be on your way. If you don’t see the icon you are looking for, let’s say LinkedIn, usually there is a more or plus button and you’ll find the platform. A best practice is to add your thoughts/comments/questions to the introduction of the post so your network gets a better sense of why you are sharing the article.

Buffer It

If you find lots of great articles and you don’t want to share them all at once, you can space out your status updates by using a scheduling tool like Buffer.  Buffer is a free app that lets you auto schedule or set the date and time you want a post to appear. You can link it to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and now Pinterest.

But as a free user, you are limited to you can connect to one per each social network- one Facebook, one Google+, one twitter, and one LinkedIn. Here’s the time saver tip: if you find five great articles in one day, you can space them out and share only one per day by using Buffer. Your work is done for the week!

Liking and Commenting

Whenever you like something on LinkedIn, it will show up in your network’s newsfeed. Likewise, when you comment on a status update or group discussion, it will also show up in your network’s news feed. Sharing an article or posting a discussion on a group also updates your network.

As I was scrolling through my newsfeed, I saw very few updates from connections I know are job seekers. Just remember, out of sight, out of mind!

Keep visible. Keep connected.


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Career Sherpa!


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