How Can You Impact Happiness in the Workplace? [Infographic]

We talk a lot about leadership, problem solving, communication and other soft skills that help you get a job.

But there’s one soft skill that we don’t talk about often enough… one that not only helps you get the job, but excel once you’re there. That skill?


The ability to remain positive – and exude happiness, even when things aren’t going just right – is a critical workplace skill. Consider:

  • Happy workers take 15 less sick days than their unhappy colleagues
  • Those that are happy stay with their employer twice as long
  • Happy employees are 186% more likely to talk positively about their work online

For more insight into how you can impact the level of happiness in your workplace, see this infographic from CareerSavvy



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  • This is a great infographic as far as it goes, but I think it misses an important and bigger point. It seems to be focused on making yourself happier, which keeps the attention pointed inward for the individual. I believe that employees are more successful (and happier) when they focus outward, and seek ways to make the workplace a happier environment for their co-workers. When their attitude is more positive, they will be more productive and the company will be more successful, which benefits everyone.