Have You Announced Your Graduation on LinkedIn Publisher?

linkedin gradI just saw a creative and powerful use of LinkedIn Publisher…

Nicholas Anfeldt, a 2015 grad in Computer Security, announced his achievement to his 500+ member network with this headline:

Graduated – DeVry – Magna Cum Laude – Golden Key Int’l. Society

After seeing this unique use of Publisher, it occurred to me: Whether you’ve recently finished your bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D…

LinkedIn Publisher is a top place to share your news. A no-brainer!

I clicked through to Nicholas’ profile from his post and learned that he’s still looking for a position in cyber security. If you, like Nicholas, are looking for work, go ahead and use a bit of your announcement to describe the type of job you want to find now that you have your degree. Of course, if you already have a job, share that good news as part of your announcement.

This is a fun way to let everyone in your network know you’re looking… and a great way to show employers you’re a creative, resourceful candidate.

Cheers, Nicholas. Job well done!


DonnaAbout the Author: Donna Svei writes executive resumes and LinkedIn profiles and blogs at AvidCareerist.com.






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  • Victoria Ipri

    With all due respect, Donna, I have to disagree. Too many people are using this area for personal promotion, which is not the original intention and, in some instances, can lead to a suspended account. If a graduate wants to make a personal announcement to his network, the post belongs on his Home page feed.

    • donnasvei

      Hi Victoria,

      I would save this type of Publisher post for big news, but I would do it. Publisher posts get fed into your network’s notifications feed where people are most likely to see them. Homepage posts tend to get fed into the same black hole where resumes and missing socks reside.

      I appreciate your comment. I often find the convo more valuable than the post!


  • donnasvei

    Happy update to this post: Nicholas messaged me today that his job search is over! His best offer (of three) came from a company he connected with through his LinkedIn network. #LoveAHappyEnding