Ask Yourself These 4 Questions When Building a Personal Brand

Earlier this week on The Savvy Intern, we featured “10 Ways to Build a Perfect Personal Brand” from our friends at Levo League – an excellent tutorial on how to deliver a highly-effective brand to potential employers, customers and influencers.

And yet we heard from many young careerists: “I’m not even sure what my ‘brand’ is!” and “This is great, but I don’t know what I’m selling yet.”

So today, we present this infographic from and brandStrategy that takes a step back, and helps you think of what might form the foundation of your personal brand, including:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Why does it matter?
  • What makes you different?

Take a look, and then – after adding one more important question: “Who will pay you to do what you do? – start articulating your very personal (unique, even) brand.


Personal Branding Infomercial



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  • QJinspiration

    This article is pretty good, but perhaps the most important question of all for establishing the foundation of your personal brand is this: “How are people changed as a result of interacting with you, your product or service?” In my experience – some thirty years in branding, promoting and directing people in performance – a brand is ‘every experience’ that the consumer is impacted by at the point they consume (not buy, but consume) your ‘thing’, whatever it happens to be. Do you have a ‘language of impact’? Are you delivering ‘wow’ moments that provoke, excite or change thinking? These are the ultimate factors that matter, unless, of course, you want to stay under the radar and limit the difference you make and the value you deliver! Thanks for provoking my response.