20 Mistakes That Still Kill Your Job Search [Infographic]

No matter how often we talk about the serial mistakes made by job seekers… they are still being made. And they are still killing the chances of job seekers everywhere.

From spelling errors to that “partyboy420@hotmail.com” email address, and from not matching your resume to not bothering to follow-up, these mistakes – as shown in this infographic from Go Study Australia – must be avoided.

As we settle into the fall, and before the hectic holiday season begins, there is no better time to review your resume, cover letter, social media accounts and your job search strategy. Your goal: make sure these errors don’t happen next time you apply for an internship or job!


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  • Kimberlee, Esq.

    I like so much about this infographic! With the exception of #14, of course, which I feel like ya’ll are probably about ready to kill me for bringing up again, but I always do… for the love of all that is good, do not call or email just to follow up! You’re not impressing anyone with your enthusiasm, you’re bugging busy people who know you’re interested in the job because YOU APPLIED FOR IT!

    But absolutely on #1. I’d say half of the candidates that apply to jobs I hire for get thrown out of the pool for REALLY obvious errors. I won’t DQ you for having a single comma in the wrong place, but if I get red squigglies under a word on your cover letter or resume, you did too, and you were too lazy to do even a cursory glance back at your materials. Really, really basic spelling, grammar and capitalization errors are the #1 most common reason that I reject anyone.

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