Is Pinterest the Best Social Network for Job Seekers? [Infographic]

You know the potential of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn… but did you know Pinterest just may be the best available online job search tool?

It is likely you didn’t. Yet many job seekers are seeing tremendous results for Pinterest. And the reason is simple: One of the best ways to secure a job is to do something that allows you stand out in a unique way!

To fully understand the potential of Pinterest  and how to fully leverage that power  we bring you an infographic from Giraffe CVs. After seeing all the great info, we’re sure you’ll agree: it is time to take Pinterest seriously as an online job search tool…








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  • Steve Levy

    Of course with any social channel, someone at a company has to actually look at it – and this is most definitely NOT guaranteed

    • Amechi Udo

      Agreed but if candidates don’t put themselves out there then there’s reduced odd of being found. With personal branding candidates should develop a social media marketing strategy that works for the work and sector they are interested in as well as themselves. They can also direct potential employers to their Pinterest page via other social media channels.

      Amechi Udo
      Career Change Strategist
      Your Career Matters

    • YouTern

      True. And it’s not guaranteed that an application or a resume will be looked at either. But having a good social presence provides several advantages. Among them…

      1. networking… the stronger a candidate’s social presence, the more people they’re going to meet…

      2. proof of social media ability… social media is fast becoming recognized for its importance in more than just the marketing department. Moving forward, being able to show that you “get” social will make you a stronger candidate…

      3. personal branding… through your social media efforts you’ll, by default, display your communication skills, soft skills, personality, etc. Done right, you’ll show prospective employers that you’re a great candidate.

      • Steve Levy

        1. give me quality over quantity and networking becomes a real career pathway. If you build it they will come might work for one particular movie but without diligent work it’s just “neting.”.

        2. no, getting social only means you might get social not that you’ll be a high performing developer, accountant or sales person.

        3. personal branding is a reputation – it isn’t 6 weeks of Pins, Tweets, and Likes: More like 6 months or years. With most people and their social usage, all I see are echoed responses, high gives, and thank yous. You don’t create your brand – your brand finds you.

        • YouTern

          1. True, quality is important. We kind of thought that was a given.

          The main point was that rare, sporadic or, on the extreme end, a single social media post is the same as zero.

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