A LinkedIn Report: The State of Student Recruiting 2014 [Infographic]

Another graduating class has walked across the stage, diplomas now in hand. Next step: the workforce.

But what are these recent grads thinking? What about a career opportunity appeals to them most (and least)? What companies to they most want to work for? And where do they go to find work?

To answer these questions, LinkedIn asked researcher Matt Grunewald to analyze the interactions between 39M+ students and thousands of employers on LinkedIn. And they asked 6,000 students worldwide their opinions on what was important to them. The result is this informative infographic, which we hope you’ll enjoy – and learn from – here.

How does your job search strategy, and your career goals, stack up?


State of Student Recruiting






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  • Bruce Lund, NEXTPERT

    Really no surprise that the Millennial generation is less concerned about the overall vision of the company and more concerned with their own compensation. While I don’t blame them I also don’t encourage this mindset for our college graduates. This is another reason why I believe it’s actually easier than ever to stand out today despite saturated markets filled with high unemployment/underemployment rates.

    • YouTern

      It’s common for people who are just starting out to have that mindset, Bruce. Part of it is likely that, as an entry-level employee, you don’t feel you have much impact on the success or direction of the company. (And to some degree that’s true). Also, many young professionals don’t stay at a company long enough to fully immerse themselves in the company’s vision.