12 College Experiences Your Resume Really Needs [Infographic]

We are long past the time when a college degree is all you need to get a job after you graduate. You need to show relevant experience… even if that experience didn’t come from the workplace, but from on-campus activities.

Leadership roles, stints as a campus ambassador, internships, and so many more interests and endeavors can separate you from the millions of other college students looking for work.

So what do employers want to see on your fresh-from-college resume?

In order to answer that question, we bring you this infographic from Boundless which shows 12 in-demand experiences that will transform you from just another recent grad into a must-hire candidate.

Take a look and then decide how much work your resume needs, or how much time you need to spend next year on activities that will show employers you aren’t just another student.








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  • Fit is the New Poor

    When I was at college, I did many of these things. These experiences make a well rounded individual as well as a good looking resume.

    • YouTern

      You’re right! Employers want more than just a GPA. In fact, most employers couldn’t care less about your GPA, to be honest.

      They want to hire a *person*. A person who is ready to help solve the company’s problems… today… using experience they’ve gained *outside* of the classroom.

    • Ritika Rakshit

      Completely agree. I did most of these reasons to gain life-experience. My grades did suffer but the types of jobs I want could honestly care less. I just don’t like how that is less emphasized; a resume isn’t an indication of your character.

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