How to Answer 4 Types of Oddball Job Interview Questions

weird job interview questionsWhen preparing for job interviews, there’s no such thing as being too prepared. You should expect to answer a variety of questions; some of which will be difficult… and even weird.

Glassdoor recently revealed its Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions. These questions were compiled from companies such as Zappos, Apple, and Dell. Not only does this list include oddball interview questions, but also questions that are fairly difficult to answer.

Hiring managers ask oddball interview questions because they want to test your critical thinking skills. Most employers want to see how well you can think on the spot and how you’d react in a given situation. Your ability to respond to these strange questions will determine how well you can impress the employer.

These questions can also help the employer determine if you’re a cultural fit for their company. One of the most important aspects of the interview process is determining if your personality is what the employer wants. By asking some of these far-fetched questions, hiring managers can find out if you’re the best candidate for the position.

If you’re worried about crafting the perfect answer to a weird interview question, here are some tips to get you thinking outside the box:

1. The Bizarre Scenario

When employers want to test your creativity or personality, they might ask you a question about a random scenario. Apple once asked during an interview, “If you were a pizza delivery man, how would you benefit from scissors?” Obviously, this scenario seems completely random because you’re likely not interviewing for a pizza delivery position.

In this case, try to think of how you could use the object to improve your work. For example, you could say you’d use the scissors to cut coupons for the customers. Thinking of a way to be resourceful in a bizarre situation can show employers you’re witty and can think on your feet.

2. “Can You Guess How Many…”

Questions such as, “How many snow shovels were sold in the U.S. last year?”, which was asked by Taser, are fairly common during interviews. Again, these types of questions are meant to test your critical thinking and ability to think on the spot.

While this seems like an impossible question to answer, this means it’s time for you to get creative. Think of a way to respond without crossing any professional lines. For example, you could answer this question with, “Enough snow shovels to dig everyone out of the Polar Vortex.” This way, you are providing a relevant response without thinking too hard about the real question at hand.

3. “What Song or Movie Describes You?”

This is another question that allows room for creativity. Keep in mind, however, that a question like this requires you to take a moment to think about your response. It’s important to provide a clever and thoughtful answer. For example, you could say “Under Pressure” by David Bowie describes your work ethic because you work well under pressure.

4. Show Some Hidden Talent

During an interview, you might be challenged to do your victory dance or create a cheer. While this might seem like an uncomfortable and silly thing to do during an interview, hiring managers want to get to know your personality and push you beyond your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your response. This is your chance to be your genuine self and prove you’re a good fit for their culture.

Now remember, when an interviewer throws a curveball at you, try not to get knocked off your feet. These questions are meant to challenge you to think outside the box and allow your personality shine through. Not only are they a good challenge, but also they are a great way for you to make a lasting impression. Hopefully this advice will help you think of some creative ways to respond to some of the wackiest interview questions!

What are some of the most weird interview questions you’ve had to answer? Let s know in the comments below…





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  • One of the guest authors for the Good.Co blog said she used to ask potential hires, “Kirk or Picard?” She explained that the response itself was immaterial, since she ended up hiring a gal who answered, “Janeway.” The point was two-fold. First, if the candidate understood the reference to Star Trek from such sparse information, they would likely be a better fit for their team than someone who didn’t understand. Second, each candidate was asked to explain their choice. This gave her and the department supervisor a bit more insight into the interviewees, such as how they might prefer to work, and how they might get along with the rest of the team. The job being filled was not especially difficult, but occasionally required some overtime – a tight-knit team was absolutely essential to get through those long hours. She said it worked well, and they experienced minimal turnover.
    Cheers! Lisa Chatroop, Good.Co

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  • Sherry L

    On an interview I was asked to describe my “Life Philosophy”. The only thing that came to mind was from The Bible and I responded with “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I blurted it out and described that I try to treat people very fairly in all situations and that I am very aware that people can interpret a situation very differently. As I left the interview, I was sure that I blew it, but within a few hours I received a call from the manager offering me the position! I’m not so sure that I landed the job because of that response, but it taught me to be prepared for any question in an interview.