17 Must-Haves for the Perfect Linkedin Profile

You’ve built your LinkedIn profile and are ready to begin networking and attracting the attention of influencers, decision makers and employers. Great start!

Keep in mind though, that your profile is one of over 200 million on the site, many of who have the same goals. So how do you make your LinkedIn profile stand out among the rest?

You make your profile as perfect as possible, of course. And that is now easier to accomplish than ever before, thanks to this thorough infographic by Linkedin expert Neal Schaffer at Maximize Social Business.

What do we like best about this infographic? Neal includes 17 points to make your Linkedin profile go from just “complete” to “stand up and get noticed!”

How many of these “must-haves”… do you have now? How close to perfect… is your LinkedIn profile?


17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves



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