In 7 Steps: Network Your Way to a New Job [Infographic]

The votes are in, the judges have spoken and the contest is over. For finding a new job, or your first job, networking is the undisputed winner.

And yet few of us are networking experts, or even know how to get started.

Check out this classic infographic from Govloop and Heather Krasna that, in 7 steps, how to use relationships and referrals to get a job… from identifying who to network with, to the post-meeting thank you.






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  • @RichCareer

    This is one of the best pieces I’ve seen about how to build and maintain professional relationships. The only thing in here I see should be clarified for job seekers is when doing step 6, be more cautious with new contacts (step 5) versus the inner circle contacts. Take time to build rapport with new contacts before asking too much from them.

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