4 Online Tools to Help You Practice Job Interviews

ToolsAs hiring managers compare your resume, cover letter and online presence to the needs of the position, you’ve survived several layers of candidate screening.

You’re feeling confident as you’ve made it to the job interview. But are you really ready?

Practice interviews should be part of your preparation strategy!

You probably won’t be able to anticipate all of the interviewers’ questions, but you can rehearse how you’ll respond to sample questions. Consider how your answers can help you present your skills, share your success stories, and describe how you meet the organization’s needs.

A career advisor colleague recently reached out to ask me if I could recommend any interview preparation tools, and I had to admit I was stumped. I knew there were options for students to record video mock interviews as a practice run for the real thing, but my experience with this kind of software was in a career center’s office and I wasn’t really sure what might be available online.

This question sent me on a search that resulted in this list of free, web-based and mobile solutions designed to help you prepare for your next job interview:

My Interview Simulator

1.  My Interview Simulator (Flash required) allows you to simulate a mock interview with over 100 questions organized in categories and sets. This system doesn’t record your responses, but does feature audio prompts along with text-based tips for responding to each question and examples.

Monster.com Interviews

2. Just one of the many mobile apps available, this one from Monster is for iPhones and iPads. Features of this tool are presented in a before, during, and after approach, and include: recording your answers to practice questions, turning your device into a mirror for a last minute check, finding local resources like coffee shops near your interview location, and documenting your thoughts immediately after the interview.


3.  As a job seeker you can sign up for a free account to access this online practice interviewing system. With your computer’s webcam and microphone you can record your responses to five typical interview questions presented by the software. This site also features a 60-second video introduction format that you can record, save, and share on your social networking profiles.


4.  Quizlet offers sets of online flashcards covering a range of topics, including job interviews. In addition to question prompts, you’ll also find tips to help you frame your responses. Check out the behavioral interviews set using the STAR approach: Simulation or Task, Action you took, Results.

Interview practice will not only improve your skills, but will also reduce your anxiety about being interviewed.

Have you used online resources to prepare for a job interview? Tell us about your experience and recommendations.





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