8 Tips to Help You Find a Job on Twitter

twitter-job-searchWhen many people think of Twitter, they think of people “tweeting” about their lunch, pictures of cats, or meaningless minutiae from their day.

In reality, however, many industry professionals use Twitter not only as an informational resource, but as a recruiting resource. As one of the most prominent and widely-used social media platforms on the Internet, Twitter has the potential to be a powerful tool in your next job search.

So how can you find a job on Twitter? Does job hunting on Twitter really work? Here are a few tips that could put you on the path to finding your dream job through the power of social media.

Be Professional

When putting together your Twitter profile, put your best foot forward and conduct yourself like a professional as this will help you find a job through Twitter. Don’t put rude or controversial statements in your profile bio, and be mindful of what you share, say, and retweet.

Many employers are out there looking for the right talent and culture for their company so keep this in mind when summing up your words on Twitter.

Be Yourself

While you should conduct yourself in a professional manner, it’s also important to come across as genuine. Use your own photo in your Twitter profile, not a picture of a celebrity or a cartoon. Tweet what interests you, and don’t try to present yourself as someone (or something) you’re not. Let potential employers see who you really are.

Become an Expert

Twitter is a great opportunity to share your expertise with others. If you have a blog, post links to your most recent entries (without excessively “spamming”). Answer questions and use what you know to help others. It might just get you some attention from people who are looking to work with someone just like you.

If you have a variety of skills, promote these through hash tags; spread the word of your great abilities and this may lead you to your next career path or internship.

Be an Original

When trying to establish a presence on Twitter to gain a job, don’t be afraid to re-share the work of others — but be sure to create and share content of your own. Putting together an insightful blog post, a useful infographic, or even an informative or useful photo or illustration can go a long way toward establishing you as someone interesting who others want to follow and hire. Every piece of original content is another brick in the road toward landing a job through Twitter.

Be Patient

Getting attention takes time. Build your audience slowly. It may take months or longer for you to get any kind of significant following on Twitter. Don’t be resentful of the success of others, and above all, don’t spam or fall prey to “purchasing” followers through services that offer thousands of followers for a price. A massive number of false followers are easily identifiable, and the repercussions can last much longer than the followers themselves (as Twitter regularly sweeps out false accounts).

Use the Tools

The sheer amount of information Twitter has on hand can be staggering. In fact, presenting lots of information in a short time is what Twitter does best — so learn how to manage it.

Software applications like Tweetdeck allow users to monitor search results on Twitter, filter feeds by lists or subjects, and otherwise tweak their Twitter experience for maximum effectiveness. Watch the search filters for possible job openings in your field, or openings to create opportunity for yourself.

Follow the Right People

If you’re serious about finding work on Twitter, then you’ll want to follow professionals in your industry. Don’t bog down your feed with too many celebrities, joke accounts, and other personalities you’ll never engage with.


Once you’ve gotten a foothold on social media, it’s time to take some chances. Engage with people in the industry you want to connect with — even if you feel you have no business doing so. Don’t just hit them with an empty “hello”. Ask a question. Start a discussion. Get a dialogue going. Don’t take it personally if you don’t get a reply — information moves fast on Twitter, and is easily missed. Keep trying, and be persistent without being obnoxious.

These tips are sure to help your job search… and land a job on Twitter. Start today!





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