Job Seekers: LinkedIn Is NOT Facebook

LinkedIn-FacebookLinkedIn is an outstanding professional networking tool, and invaluable to job seekers. It’s the best place to find, and be found by, prospective employers.

LinkedIn groups, perhaps the best place on the planet for job seekers for professional networking, is a huge part of LinkedIn.

The keyword here: professional.

That may seem obvious, however, there seems to be a disconnect for some between their professional profile and the image they actually project on LinkedIn, including their contribution to group discussions. There are ample cases of people using inappropriate language, telling inappropriate stories, belittling others, poor grammar or spelling, or the apparent inability to write coherently at all.

This less-than-professional behavior certainly discourages others from connecting or collaborating with them, or taking their advice. And while they may not be looking for a job now, they will be some point in the future, yet their history is still available for all to see.

While Facebook is primarily a social application, LinkedIn is designed for your professional life. Think of Facebook as your neighborhood pub… and LinkedIn as your office or your job interview.

Your entire online presence constantly being considered by potential employers, mentors and customers.  So being careful of anything you post is wise. However, posting unprofessional, and inappropriate material on LinkedIn is particularly unwise. If LinkedIn is the place to see you at your professional best, what does it say about you when you seem to be at your worst?

Similarly, employers will often discard a resume with spelling or grammatical errors because the resume is intended to be a candidates best presentation of themselves, their abilities and their professionalism. If their best effort has errors, it’s fair to assume their average effort falls considerably shorter.

LinkedIn is a place where you can enhance your credibility in your field or your industry. Your reputation can be built based on the way you engage… or it can be destroyed.

Be very conscious of how you present yourself to other professional contacts, and to potential employers. No casual postings. No swearing. No whining. And, please, no troll-like behavior.

Because… LinkedIn is NOT Facebook.





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HarryAbout the Author: Harry Urschel has over 25 years experience as a technology recruiter in Minnesota. He currently operates as e-Executives, and writes a blog for Job Seekers called The Wise Job Search. Contact Harry by email and follow him on Twitter!



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