#InternPro Chat: “The Disconnect Between College Education and Career”

IP_TwitterWow, this week’s #InternPro Chat was a blur! Twitter could hardly keep up with all the discussion… and the fantastic advice from the #Internpro community.

Our topic was “The Disconnect Between College Education and Career”. And it seems a lot of people have some strong opinions on this subject.

  • How does one apply their major to the professional world?
  • Do colleges adequately really prepare students for career (and should they)?
  • How can students take better control of their education and career development?

These are just a few of the questions we asked that sparked a lively discussion. Check out the summary, below, for more advice and insights from our awesome #InternPro community!

Join us next week for our another episode of #InternPro Chat… on Monday, February 25th. The #InternPro Chat community will be talking about “Professionalism 101: What Your Helicopter Parents Should’ve Taught You.” Come on by at 9pm ET for conversation, learning and networking!


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