Company Culture: Directly Connected to Job Search Success

cultureThe pressure of finding a new job quickly can leave job seekers feeling like they must apply to every job they find open… when you’re frustrated and broke, anything seems better than unemployment.

What most panicked job seekers fail to understand is that seeking out a position at an organization without researching its culture could potentially set you up for failure – leading you right back to unemployment.

Seeking out companies for their culture can not only get you hired faster, this job search best practice can also have a long-term effect on your overall career path. due to feeling more positive at work.

Here’s how job seekers everywhere can understand company culture… and its role in a more harmonious and successful job search:

The Definition

Company culture – or organizational culture – is the collective behavior of the entities of an organization. This generally includes the values, visions, and norms of an organization. These are the areas that give an organization its own unique outlook, feel, behavior, and attitude. A strong company culture benefits the overall brand of a company, as well as motivating, energizing, attracting, and retaining employees.

There’s definitely not set standard when it comes to company culture, but the culture each company offers their employees has the ability to make or break the overall experience — especially if it isn’t the perfect match.

Matching Your Culture

Seeking out the proper company culture to match with your own personal values is must. Every job seeker should spend time carefully assessing their ideal company environment, in regard to their professional values, career goals, and personality type.

Use this awareness to seek out companies that are an overall match. For instance, if you thrive in a results-oriented and fast-paced environment, look for those specific aspects in the companies that you’re interested in.

Integrate Culture Into Your Search

Redeveloping your search strategy to include a stronger focus on company culture is not only smart, but it’s also simple. Once you’ve assessed your personal preferences, begin researching companies within your industry and compile a list of the ones that offer a suitable environment. Companies that boast a strong culture are often easy to locate because they’re not shy about spreading the word.

Continually monitor these companies for job openings within your qualifications. Familiarize yourself with the social media accounts of companies you’re interested in. Learn more about the employees at the organization. If you’re looking for an insider perspective, attempt to network with the employees of these companies to gain even more on-the-job information.

Utilize Niche Job Boards

Not all job boards are beneficial tools when it comes to getting the feel for a company’s culture in a job listing. Many of the larger job boards leave out vital information regarding the company providing the listing. This isn’t the case when using specialized niche job boards to access job listings.

Niche job boards are a great way to locate job listings from companies with a vested interest in hiring candidates who are not only qualified, but also in tune with their values and industry.

Company culture should matter to you during your job search. Begin re-developing your job search strategy to place a stronger focus on the company culture best suited for your needs.

Has company culture fueled your search for a job?


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