Are Your Emails Helping, or Hurting, Your Personal Brand?

In both your job search, and on the job, email is one of your primary media for communication. Be sure you send the right professional message in every email!

When you send emails during your job search (to submit your resume, when networking or to send a thank you), or in correspondence with co-workers, customers or partners, create a professional impression. Are you making any of these common email mistakes?

Use a Professional Font Within Your Email Messages

When you use an unusual or colored font, you may be sending the wrong of message. Your outgoing messages should represent your professional image; therefore, consider using a standard font style such as Arial and black font. Individuality is important, sure. However, be selective and aware of how the receiver of your email may interpret your style. What do you think this font style and color convey?

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Use an Email Address That is Clearly and Professionally You

The email address you use should not be confusing, too personal or your family account email. Your email address should contain your name, such as Or if you have a common name, consider using your middle initial or some variation of your full name or johnathan_j_doe@xmail. Avoid using your birth date, numbers or information that would make your email difficult to recognize.

Don’t Use Humor

Email is a “non-emotive medium”, meaning it is difficult to convey humor or sarcasm in writing. Therefore, the safest bet is to avoid it. The same is true for “LOL” or other modern acronyms or abbreviations frequently used in texting. These may get lost in translation and cross the line into “too personal”, familiar or perhaps even immature.

Never Use Emoticons in Emails

Email is not the same as texting. Smiley faces or any other type of symbol used to convey emotion or feelings could be perceived as unprofessional and therefore, avoid using them in all of your job search and professional correspondence.


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