Working from Home: Are We Productive? [INFOGRAPHIC]

You know the benefits of working from home and have some insight as to whether you’re a good fit for the new working dynamic. But… can you be trusted clocking in from the couch?

Julie Mastrine’s recent post on ComeRecommended regarding working from home was the perfect introduction to an infographic by revealing an inside scoop on what employees are really doing when they “work” from home.

It is true — there may be more distractions at home than at the office. According to the infographic, telecommuters find the following to be the biggest disruptions at home:

  • 31% believe chores get in the way of working from home
  • 26% blame the television
  • 23% are distracted by their barking or meowing pets

But, if you are self-motivated with the ability to discipline yourself to be productive during your working hours at home, I think it is safe to say that including telecommuting in your working world may be the balance you so desire.

One of the main benefits of working from home that Julie pointed out is eliminating the commute. According to the research from the infographic, the 2,500 employees who worked from home for one day saved an estimated 2,000 hours of commuting time! What were employees able to do in their new-found free time?

  • 1,040 hours were put towards extra hours of work
  • 320 hours went to extra sleep time
  • 280 hours of increased family time

Although only 15 percent of bosses encourage working from home, if you have the opportunity and think that you are self-motivated enough to work from home, the above breakdown of extra time is pretty enticing for a better work/life balance!

Check out the full infographic below:

What are your thoughts about working from home? Do you think it a new working dynamic that will benefit your career or take away from your productivity levels?


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