Job Seekers: Like Coca-Cola…Get Creative, not Complacent

Coca-cola loves to find creative ways to reach its audience.

You can find hundreds of videos on YouTube of their dancing coke machines, ads filled with friendly slogans and metaphors for happiness.

One brilliant, can’t-miss video in particular struck a happy chord with me…  3 minutes of engineering worthy of nerd-heaven status as college students create the most outrageous way to share a Coke…

I’m sure that even without creative ad campaigns, Coca-cola would still be successful. Yet they constantly release new ads and YouTube videos to reach consumers; when it comes to branding and communicating, they aren’t complacent.

When looking for your next job or internship… you can’t be complacent with your search or your branding, either:


For example, when you use a career website like YouTern, diversify your search items. Pick different topics that are related to your career field. The more times and the more options you search, the better chances you have to finding the right internship. Adding a wider scope in your search may also return attractive jobs and internships you hadn’t thought to look for, before.


Also, be innovative in where you look for internships. Nowadays you can search online through career search websites and use social networks. Search in-person as well. Visit your school’s career center, engage friends, family and acquaintances, develop mentor relationships, schedule informational interviews and create a “Hire Me” campaign. To stand out in this competitive job market, you have to think of innovative ways to search for and reach your target audience of potential employers.


Consistently update your social networks. Be professional, but unique with your Twitter bio and your LinkedIn headline. You never know what might strike a chord with an influencer or decision maker. If you are in a career field that thrives on creativity, don’t be afraid to display your portfolio in an imaginative way like… Be careful, however; being creative is not an all-access pass to crazy… don’t go overboard. Instead, find the dynamic right for you and the intended audience.

Now, I encourage you to watch the video again, grab a Coke and a smile… and let the creative juices flow!


About the Author: Lauren Kirkpatrick is YouTern’s Social Media Outreach Intern. She graduated from San Diego State in 2011, with a Bachelors degree in Public Relations. During college she interned for Integrated Sports Marketing, and has since worked for several San Diego area PR firms while developing her passion for social media.

In her personal life, Lauren is never more than 3 feet from her iPhone or Macbook – she says “they have their own side of the bed” – (and our guess is they probably also have their own iNames!) She’s a sports junkie, TV aficionado and expert baker. Follow Lauren on Twitter!


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