#InternPro Chat: “Parents: Friend or Foe in Your Job Search?”

When we graduate from college and begin our professional lives, we often see ourselves as independent adventurers, taking our first steps in the big, wide world.

Some of our parents see us the same way, figuring their job is done. We’re on our own! Other parents, however, still feel the need to manage our lives – especially our careers.

Parental involvement can help or hurt our job search and career development… our parents become either our friend or foe. There are good ways to keep parents involved in our lives, while still maintaining our desire to follow our own path… to begin to build our own career… independently.

In case you missed our chat “Parents: Friend or Foe in Your Job Search?” chat last night, here’s a summary of the conversation you – thanks to the #InternPro community and Storify – can review in just a few minutes.

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  • Helicopter parents will crash land if they show up at the interview, comment to me about how wonderful their child is, or generally make themselves a nuisance before, during, or after I speak to their kid. Your kid might have been an honor student at their middle school but it’s time to take the bumper sticker off your car and let your wunderkind stake their claim by themselves.

    This being said, if you’re connected to me through some social or professional channel, having your child connect to me by themselves using this info is just fine.

    Oy vey…