4 Indicators Your Interview Went Well

Interviews are exciting– and stressful. And sometimes you feel even more stressed out afterthe interview. How did it go? What did they think of you? Did you get the position? It’s usually hard to tell what the interviewer was thinking.

Vickie Austin, founder of CHOICES Worldwide, and Judi Perkins, President and Founder of Find the Perfect Job recently contributed to a Career Bliss article written by Ritika Trikha on how to gauge the success of an interview.

Here are four indicators they provided that could tell you the interview went well:

1. They Discuss Your References

It’s a great sign if the interviewer asks you about about your references and for their contact information. This more than likely means they will be contacting them, which might mean you are moving forward in the process.

2. Hypothetical Questions

It’s a good sign if the employer asks questions about things you might be asked to do if offered the position. Perkins says the more specific the question, the better. Think about the difference between “Can you travel?” and “If we were to ask you to travel once a week of every month, could you do that?” If they ask you more detailed questions, it shows they are more invested in you as a candidate.

3. Shooting the Breeze

If you got a bit off-topic and discussed something other than the position or your qualification, take it as a good sign! If you can have a real and random conversation with your interviewer, it might show them that you fit in with company culture or that you’d simply be an enjoyable person to have around the office. Don’t underestimate the power of liking. These days there are many qualified candidates and sometimes fitting in is all it takes.

4. Unexpected Introductions

It’s possible that you’ll be given a tour of the office, but there is a difference between a tour and an unexpected introduction. If the interviewer is going out of his or her way to have you meet others, they could be testing you to see how you interact with other employees in the office. Be courteous and respectful, because it’s likely that their opinions could come into play when it comes to down to a hiring decision.

Keep in mind that these are just indicators—not definite signs of how it went. And always remember to follow up!

You can find the whole article including five additional indicators here.

Have you seen these indicators while on an interview? Did you get the job? Let us know!


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About the Author: Dana Schwartz is a senior studying public relations and management at Syracuse University. She has previous internship experience with a small New York City public relations firm, as a communications intern for the Special Olympics in London, and in healthcare marketing. She is looking forward to starting a career in public relations upon her graduation in May. Follow Dana on Twitter!



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