The One-Two Punch: A Well-Written LinkedIn Profile and Resume

one-two punch, n.: A combination of two blows delivered in rapid succession in boxing, especially a left lead followed by a right cross.

The resume used to be the most important tool to landing a new job. With an audience of 150 million users, however, the LinkedIn profile now stars as the powerful catalyst connecting job hunters with hiring managers and recruiters.

A recent article emphasizes that 87% of U.S. companies use LinkedIn to recruit talent, offering a one-click job application button on corporate websites. Chris Crum’s article shares that “58% of companies compete for talent by sourcing passive candidates, who may not have a current resume.” LinkedIn markets this one-click tool to “attract more high-quality, passive candidates who may not have resumes ready.”

LinkedIn states that as of December 31, 2011, the fastest-growing demographics on LinkedIn are students and recent college grads.

These stats offer confirmation that your one-two punch as a young professional is a well-written resume and LinkedIn profile: Your “right cross” is an expertly prepared profile marketing your talents, while your targeted resume is the “left jab” in landing the job.

Put yourself ahead of the competition… be prepared with both!

The resume and profile have fundamentally different uses. The resume targets specific jobs for which you’re applying, serving as a direct response to an opportunity. Offering a more general marketing approach, a LinkedIn user’s properly prepared profile attracts the attention of decision makers and cuts down on job search time. Both must be well-written to connect with employers and share three key components highlighting your unique talents to knock out the competition.

Sell Your Succinct Summary

An articulate, thoughtful, succinct summary of your unique story, core competencies, and transferable skills sells your talents to the hiring manager, and displays you as an enthusiastic candidate eager to add value to their team. This introductory section should be tailored specifically to the type of position for which you’re applying.

When written with the goal of connecting with the employer, your summary invites the decision-maker to read through your resume and profile, and to seriously consider you for their position.

Emphasize Experience and Soft Skills

Instead of just showing on your resume what you “did”, share your performance accomplishments in your jobs, internships and volunteer experiences. Whenever possible show how you’ll impact future employers, by quantifying your achievements.

Transferable skills that relate to a position must also be clearly stated in a resume.  Including these key elements in your resume greatly increase your chances of being invited to interview!

References and Recommendations

Endorsements of your work serve as an important tool in your job hunting arsenal, with professional references requested for each application. However, displaying several recommendations on your LinkedIn profile serves as a powerful testimonial 24-hours each day, which emphasizes your key attributes, often attracting more opportunities. Imagine how hiring managers will be wowed by reading your colleagues’ endorsements of your character, work ethic, and team contributions! Multiple recommendations ideally share a common thread, emphasizing your key attributes. These online testimonials are invaluable to your reputation and brand, highlighting your proven performance and your colleagues’ respect for your work.

Used together, well-written resume and LinkedIn profile content effectively markets your skills and career passion, attracting new opportunities, and inviting invitations to interview. This unbeatable one-two punch will quickly propel your focused job search forward – and will knock out your competition!



About the Author: Deborah E. Rooney, M.S., Ed, owner of Power Resumes & Coaching, works with new grads and adults in career transition. She coaches her clients to identify their outstanding transferable skills and core competencies to attract new jobs where they’ll thrive. Deb provides LinkedIn coaching to job hunters and business owners, and strengthens resumes. Deborah teaches her clients how to navigate the digital job searching process with energy and optimism. As a LinkedIn Connector, she uses her network to introduce clients to hiring managers. Connect with Deb on LinkedIn and Facebook!



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