When Can I Start to Apply for Summer Internships?

An undergrad student writes…

“When is the date for most summer internships to be posted?

I was briefly looking through summer internships and well, I didn’t see a lot of them. Is it too early for them to really be posted and if so when do they usually start posting?

Or am I just not looking in the right place?”

In the fall and spring, a lot of employers don’t get enough internship applications – so they have to do a little recruiting, and positions are posted early.

For summer, employers often get way more internship applicants than they can handle, so they will post positions late in the spring, or not at all.

Rather than wait for postings, be proactive. Make a list of the top 5 places you would love to intern, and reach out to them now.

Do some thinking about how you can start a relationship with the people where you would like to intern. Do they have any events you can attend?

How can you add value to their lives now? Could you write an article for them?

Get to know them – have you liked them on Facebook/are you subscribed to their newsletter? If they don’t have a newsletter, could you offer to start one for them?

If you do it right, you’ll have your choice of internships by May. Good luck!


About the Author: Eric Woodard is the author of “Your Last Day of School: 56 Ways You Can Be A Great Intern and Turn Your Internship Into a Job” and founder of GreatIntern.com, a site that teaches students to be great interns and successful during internships. Eric created and managed internship programs for the White House and U.S. Senate. He’s also consulted with a variety of national non-profit clients to create and manage successful internship programs. Over the years Eric has received zillions of thank you notes from interns, and has kept every single one. Follow Eric on Twitter!




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