Time Management Tips, Tricks and Tools… from #InternPro

On the #InternPro  Twitter chat this week, the topic was “Internships 2.0: Flexible, Virtual, and Perennial”. We discussed how internships have changed over the past ten years, and—considering our new economy—if those changes were for the better or worse.

One question in particular produced several quality responses that got us chatters excited: “What tools (Apps? Technology? Time management?) would you suggest to help others manage Version 2.0 internships?”

We share those answers with you here, and hope you discover (or re-discover) some time management tips, tricks and tools that will help you stay productive! Here is what our friends at #InternPro had to say:

@amyruberg | The best “app” is your own mindset and attitude – be professional, ready to learn, open to communication, coachable, and take on new work.

@digibloomwest | Evernote is a great way to organize thoughts and tasks

@abbynicole1204 | Keep two to-do lists: one long term and one for each morning.

@ComeRecommended | Use Twitter, Gmail, project management software like Podio and Glasscubes, and Skype.

@DrJanice | Figure out your goals and then find apps for them. If you over-eat when stressed, try LoseIt… Always enter appointments into calendar, whether digital or paper.

@DillonRhodes | Place a giant clock on your desk – you’ll quickly realize how long things take to accomplish.

@mgwitkow | TweetDeck is useful to follow trends and tweets.

@CyndyTrivella | Time management is controllable – look objectively at what you need to accomplish and prepare a schedule to fit your life.

@EricWoodard | Sometimes, just a pen and paper is all it takes!

@YouTernMark | Use the “CNN” method – Critical = MUST get done; N = Needs to get done; N2 = Nice if it gets done.

@AlicePhun Have calendars on laptop and mobile phone, and send yourself email reminders

@KarenGirardCCDP | Need a good scheduler, and make sure to have a backup in cloud form in case of crash…. We use Dropbox to work on documents together when we don’t want to use GoogleDocs – more privacy, and can use your programs.

@WannaBMarketing |Keep everything in planner, and utilize Google calendar

There are many other time management tools available that one can use to stay productive (and sane!) What tools do you use?


About the Author: Erica Roberts graduated from Oregon State University in 2011 with a B.S. in Marketing. She is an avid reader and writer, and is extremely passionate about social media. Erica currently holds several part time marketing positions, including a social media internship with YouTern, and is searching for a full time career. Connect with Erica on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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