Find Job Search Success… from the Bottom, Up

Finding a job during this economy can be difficult. I’ve cried many times at just the difficulty of finding a job and just tonight, it was my roommate’s turn to cry. “I just want a job.” she said flatly. I stopped her right then and there. “Whoa. Wait a second. You want a job you LOVE.” I said.

She stopped and looked at me. “Well, you want to work at job you like, right? I mean, having a job you hate is just as bad as being unemployed and broke.” I said in response to her blank stare. “Yeah…” she replied.

It’s true. Having a job you hate is just as bad as being unemployed and broke. Begin your job search by starting from the bottom up.

1. While you’re at your current job or looking for a temporary one, start at the bottom by compiling a list of companies you want to work at.

2. Research those companies, learn their history, and start following them on Twitter and “like” their Facebook pages. From there, start interacting with them! Don’t be surprised if you do get a response!

3. Find and apply to open positions on your list of companies. But first…

4. Optimize your résumé with keywords companies are looking for by looking at their job descriptions. Don’t just copy and paste everything you see. Show that you can write! An important note: create a professional email for an HR rep to contact you with using your name. Keep it as close to your first and last name as possible. Since your name for your email could be taken, use your middle name initials with your name. It’s time to leave your “creatively named” email behind if you want to get your big boy/girl job.

5. Follow up/reach out to HR recruiters and tell them you’re interested in their company and what position you’re looking at. Get on LinkedIn and see who the recruiters are, find out who holds what positions in the company and make that connection.

6. Think about doing a marketing campaign for yourself so you can find your dream job! Hey, it worked for this Chipotle worker.

7. Follow those in the job searching industry and get to know them! Check out Classy Career Girl and A Hire Calling. Learn from awesome people like them!

8. If you like to write, you might want to create your own blog/website if you already haven’t. Showcase your talents and obsessions in your blog. A blog tells people who you are and what you’re interested in. Start following other bloggers in the industry you want to work in.

9. Create a signature in your email. Even though you’re emailing your friends, they could forward someone the email you just sent. Don’t be like Waldo. Let yourself be found! Within your signature add links to your profiles so people can find you and learn more about you! Check out this example

Best Regards,

First Name and Last Name

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Blog1, Blog2

10. Be creative! Get yourself noticed. Check out this job seeker and his creativity with his video résumé using QR Codes. Of course, this depends on everyone’s situation and what they’re looking for, but tell me this isn’t creative! I love it!

Try these tips out and let me know how it goes! I’ll keep you posted on my roommate’s situation too!


About the Author: Huong Vo is a recent communication studies graduate from the University of North Texas. While pursuing her degree, she worked in the education and non-profit industries. A big fan of social media and blogging, Huong shares her love for fashion through her That’s My Kind of Style! blog and being a first-generation college student, she also helps college students and recent graduates through Grenty Nation, her college and career blog. Connect with Huong on Twitter.



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