“Mom, I’m Home!” 5 Success Tips for Moving Back Home

mother daughter communication

As our newest college graduates look for work, they do so knowing that many have predicted that the Class of 2014 will fare much better than graduates of the recent past. NACE, for example, has said that employers intend to increase hiring of graduates by 7.8% in 2014.

Yet many of those who have fulfilled dreams that began as they entered college four years ago – the dream where earning a diploma was the golden ticket that guaranteed entrance to the workforce – have no choice: They’re going to move back home with their parents…   

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Social Media Tips for the Digitally Savvy Job Seeker [Infographic]

Social Media Tips for Job Seekers Career Savvy

Almost everyone now knows that employers are pre-screening applicants on social media, getting to know the real you (not the polished, on-your-best-behavior job interview version) before they ever make contact for an interview.

But do we know exactly what they are looking for when they check us out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?   

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Did the Recession Wake Gen Y from Their Work-Life Balance Dream?


When the first members of Gen Y began to join the workforce a few years ago, commentary stirred about the differences between generations of workers. One fact about young professionals was repeated: teens and 20-somethings were crazy for work-life balance.

Now that the economic gloom has persisted for several years, are young people finally being forced to change their tune when it comes to work-life balance?   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 26: Strengths and Weaknesses

#60Day Day 26 of 60

You now have a clear idea of your personal strengths and weaknesses.

This is a critical step for any job seeker. Fact is, very few are this self-aware. They go in guns-a-blazin’ thinking they are hot sh*t – and, instead, find out they are a hot mess. They have no clue how their strengths will help solve the problem faced by the employer; they have no idea how badly their weaknesses will negatively impact their candidacy…   

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16 Pieces of Excellent Career Advice from Commencement Speeches


It’s almost May, and the class of 2014 soon will be donning their caps and gowns. Commencement speeches are a final rite of passage for graduating seniors anxiously awaiting the next step in their lives. The wisdom imparted in the speeches isn’t applicable to students, but instead to graduates, as young professionals. And sometimes the advice is so good, we should all pay attention.

Thanks to a terrific list of commencement speeches from Graduation Wisdom, I gathered the best commencement quotes for a fulfilling and productive career.   

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The Best Rule EVER for Following Up: “Promised Plus 1″

Torpedo kitty

A recent Forbes article offered the same, worn “rules” on what to do if you haven’t heard from the company after an interview.

I have a different rule that applies: It’s called the “Promised Time + One Business Day Rule”. And if applied with confidence, gusto, and a wee little bit of verve, applying this rule should at the very least garner a response from the company.   

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