What is The Most Important Hack in Networking?

Most Important Rule of Networking

“Good networking is all about building good relationships,” business coach Alisoun Mackenzie explains. “Selling at people just turns them away.”

If that news has you scrambling to revamp your networking strategy stat, slow down for a sec—because Mackenzie’s favorite hack, the 80/20 Rule, is here to help…   

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10 Rookie Mistakes You Can’t Make on LinkedIn

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Over 300 million job seekers have flocked to LinkedIn to network with fellow professionals and connect with employers.

Yet many of them actually hurt their personal network, and greatly reduce their chances of being contacted by a recruiter, because they make one or more of these 10 rookie mistakes on LinkedIn…   

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Job Search Do’s and Don’ts for the Modern Job Hopper


Data shows that Millennials are more likely to change jobs than any generation before. In fact, the average 24-year-old today has already held 6.4 jobs.


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How to Impress During Your Next Virtual Job Interview

How to Impress in Your Video Interview

As Skype and Google+ Hangout interviews continue to grow in popularity, job seekers are learning there is little difference between a video interview and the in-person variety.

In fact, many of the steps – from how you dress, to preparation, to proper eye contact and effective follow-up – are now exactly the same as if you were walking into the office and talking face-to-face…   

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Could You Answer These 9 Unique Job Interview Questions?


Quora, our favorite Q&A site, asked their community: “What one question do you ask applicants in a job interview?”

Among the submissions, here are our favorites – along with the reasons why the interviewers count on these questions when looking for their next team member:   

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What Should You Know Before Deciding on a Resume Template?

resume cat

If you’re interested in using a resume template, you’ll have seemingly countless options available in all styles and price points.

However, before you decide on one, there are a few considerations to keep in mind…   

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