What Are the Best and Worst Jobs in America? [Infographic]

What Are The Best and Worst Jobs Today

Now well into the fall semester, you may be wondering: Have I chosen the right major? Will I be entering an occupation or industry that is thriving? Will there be jobs available after graduation?

To help answer those questions, we present this infographic from NumberSlueth. Here, you’ll see the ten best and worst jobs in America – and what makes them a great choice, or not…   

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3 Big Resume Mistakes That Cost You Job Interviews

3 Big Resume Mistakes

As a former hiring manager, I have seen thousands of resumes—so I tend to have a critical eye on those that pass through my line of sight.

And although some are good enough, many tend make the same three mistakes that tarnish what a recruiter will think during the 5 to 7 seconds they will spend on the first pass of the resume.   

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8 Important Ways an Internship Benefits Your Career

Benefits of Internships

Internships are great on-the-job training opportunities for current students, new college grads and young professionals who haven’t yet found the fulfilling work they desire.

And yet nearly 50% of those who need experience desperately in order to compete in today’s workforce choose not to secure high-quality internships…   

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10 Soft Skills Today’s Young Talent Must Master

Skills Needed in Today

So those well-worn phrases like “detail oriented” and “hard worker” aren’t helping you land interviews? “Team player” and “strong leader” not getting the job done?

Perhaps that is because employers today know that when looking for the best-of-the-best in young talent, they must look past the cliches. To discover who might be the best fit for their team, they must dig deeper to see who has the skills they covet most…   

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What Soft Skills Do Employers Value Most? [Infographic]

The Skills Employers Want And the Skills Candidates Need

To land a quality gig in this job market, you need the skills recruiters covet most. Sadly, there is often a disconnect between the skills most valued by employer’s and the current skill set of the the applicants – or at least how those applicants go about selling their personal brand.

This infographic from DeVry University and the Career Advisory Board details the skills employers consider top priorities, the imbalance between what is sought by employers and what is sold by job applicants, and exactly what it takes to win the job or internship…   

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10 Tips Guaranteed to Help You Write an Outstanding Resume


As we’ve all heard by now, when reviewing your resume a prospective employer will mostly likely make a split-second decision about whether to invite you to an interview. Or not.

Because it so essential to create a resume that makes a great first impression in just a few seconds, we asked fifteen career counseling experts for their advice on how to write a resume. Here’s what they said…   

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