12 Traits of a Highly Successful Resume [Infographic]

12 Traits of a Highly Successful Resume

You spend a lot of time writing your resume. And then more time on versions 2 through 92. And then even more time customizing for each company and application.

But how do you know if your resume, even after all this effort, is right? How do you know if yours is one of the 3 to 5 out of 100+ the recruiter will likely see that will result in a job interview?   

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The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Summary for Recent Grads


Recently, I provided a template for a LinkedIn profile summary for people who have a job… aka “The Passive Job Seeker.”

Today, I offer another profile summary — this time for recent graduates who need a job now, or soon…   

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What is The Biggest Mistake a Job Seeker Can Make?


The No. 1 mistake made my job seekers isn’t a secret. But at some point in their careers, many do it anyway.

It something that is so alluring that it’s almost irresistible. It preys upon our hope… and our fears at the same time. It builds us up… only to see us come crashing down.

What is this heart-breaking mistake?   

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3 Assumptions About Recruiters That Sabotage a Job Search


Many job seekers are confused about how hiring works, and, specifically, about how to work with recruiters. As with most everything associated with job search, things aren’t as simple or straight forward as they seem.

And yet, many job seekers make some bad assumptions about them – and how to work with them… including these three that can sabotage your job search:   

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22 Things to Do During Your Summer Internship [Infographic]

22 Things

If you’re a regular reader of The Savvy Intern, chances are good you’re either looking for – or have already secured an internship for the coming summer.

Chances are also good you’re already thinking about how to make a great first impression – and making the most of the opportunity in front of you. Which is where this terrific infographic from Management Paradise comes in…   

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It Would Be So Nice… if Dr. Seuss Gave Career Advice

Imagine if you can,
And if you can’t no one can,
What might happen if Dr. Seuss,
Helped build your career plan…

“Dr. Seuss, I am so far behind my peers, who seem to know what they want to do after graduation. How do I decide what career is right for me?”   

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