How to Handle Your First High-Stakes Job Interview

high-stakes job interview

Most of us have been through at least one job or internship interview.

So when you finally get to a more high-stakes job interview (like that first real job after graduation) that you’re really excited about… what if you freeze?   

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Top Job Interview Tips from Recruiters: Revealed! [Infographic]

top job interview tips

How can you possibly sift through all the job interview advice available out there? How do you cull the good from the bad, the relevant from the obscure, and still get to bed in time to wake up ready to conquer the world?

No worries… a quick glance at this infographic from is all you need!    

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Everything You Need to Know About Being a Real Adult [Infographic]

real adult

What does being a real adult mean, anyway? You’ve finally reached the start of your adult life. You’ve left your childhood behind. The responsibility for who you are and who you will become now lies squarely on YOUR shoulders alone. You have some big decisions to make.   

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Networking When Already You Have a Job: What Should You Do?


Often I get asked the question: “What do you do regarding networking when you’re working and you’re not looking for a job?”

Here are some answers that will help you keep your network strong after you get that new gig…   

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New Connections: How to Become Instantly Memorable

new connections

When the chips are down, and everyone does the same old crap, what can you do to stand out from the rest when making new connections?

What value can you offer? How can you help the person you just met?   

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Your Online Job Search: What Should It Look Like? [Infographic]

online job search

An online job search is quickly becoming the standard for recent graduates.

They know: an effective 21st Century job search means more than having a killer resume. So the most successful candidates make use of multiple platforms…   

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