Build Your Personal Network the Entrepreneur Way

Value Based Networking

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of networking advice out there. From my perspective, not enough of that advice is built around action, trust and building real human relationships – and too much of it is about increasing numbers of friends and followers. As an entrepreneur, numbers are of little value. Relationships matter, as do mentors, partners and champions. So I strive to build strong, trusting relationships on which we can do business together to our mutual benefit. Here’s how you can, too: Build Value for Others Understanding how to build value for other people first by connecting people to   

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5 Ways to Show Gratitude After Getting the New Gig

Job Search Gratitude

The research, preparation and hard work paid off. You should feel very proud of yourself. After all, you’ve landed your dream job!

Before the flurry of new job jitters take hold, pause to pat yourself on the back. Then – because it’s unlikely your job hunt was a solo adventure – be sure to thank everyone that helped along the way. And I do mean everyone…   

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How Humble Bragging About Former Employers Boosts Your Brand


Here’s a tip rarely utilized by job seekers: the more impressive you make your former employers look on your resume, the better you look to potential new employers. So, carefully (and truthfully) brag about your other employers! Present them as important and successful organizations, and tie your contributions directly to their success: Expand the description of your previous jobs to include positive descriptions of  the companies, too. In your resume, say something positive in the work history section of your resume to make the experience gained there more impressive and relevant. While networking, focus on the positive or say as little   

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20 Mistakes That Still Kill Your Job Search [Infographic]

Infomercial 2

No matter how often we talk about the serial mistakes made by job seekers… they are still being made. And they are still killing the chances of job seekers everywhere.

From spelling errors to that “” email address, and from not matching your resume to not bothering to follow-up, these mistakes – as shown in this infographic from Go Study Australia – must be avoided…   

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7 Ways a Recruiter Can Tell You’re Trying Too Hard


Ever wonder why you never get a call from a recruiter? Can’t seem to get a job interview? Why we write version after version of our resume., only to be largely ignored?

The reason may be far more simple than you might expect: you are trying too hard…   

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Pop Culture Career Philosophy: “Go That Way… Really Fast”

Dave Ellis

I have but one philosophy in life: “One can quote an appropriate movie line to fit pretty much any situation.”

From blockbusters to low-budget “B-movies” nobody should spend too much time on, I find pearls of wisdom that perfectly fit real-life – and share them freely. I call it “pop-culture philosophy”…   

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