What Do Employers Look For When Evaluating Candidates? [Infographic]

What Do Employers Really Care About

When an employer receives your application, and they evaluate you as a job seeker, what do they really look for? The school you went to? Your GPA? Perhaps it is volunteer experience or soft skills? When going through the interview process, what makes the biggest difference? If the interview didn’t go so well, should you count on your cover letter and thank you note to help make up ground? As shown in this infographic from Addison Group, employers clearly care about relevant work experience and skills… no surprise there. But did you know they also care a great deal about the reputation   

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10 Traits of Today’s Most Successful Job Seekers

Successful Job Seekers

I’ve met a lot of job seekers over the years. The successful ones – the ones who land jobs faster – approach their job search similarly.

Here are the 10 job search secrets that set the best job seekers apart from average candidates!   

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Are You Leveraging the Most Popular Features on LinkedIn?


If you were one of the nearly 1500 people who took the time to participate in my 2015 LinkedIn user survey, thank you! Over time, I will share with you my observations about the results and give you some strategies to help you capitalize on what I’ve learned.

Today, let’s talk about the LinkedIn features people have found to be the most useful when managing their careers…   

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Are Your Expectations For Your First Job Realistic?

Workplace Expectations

Last week, I spoke with a startup business owner busily hiring his first round of entry-level talent. While he was excited to welcome newly-graduated Millennial talent for the versatility and depth of knowledge they bring in the world of social media, he also felt frustrated by the expectations he had encountered so far. From his point of view, it seems like every candidate expected Ping-Pong tables, long lunch breaks and free gourmet coffee 24/7, and he isn’t offering those perks any time soon. However, the opportunity he is offering feels like a golden one to him: the ability to learn   

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Portrait of a LinkedIn User: 2015 Edition [Infographic]

Portrait of a LinkedIn User

This terrific infographic from YouTern contributor and LinkedIn training and marketing expert Wayne Breitbarth at PowerFormula.net will help you discover how others are using LinkedIn, and achieving amazing results!

Take a look, and then decide how you can improve your personal LinkedIn strategy…   

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The 12 Best Questions for Closing Your Next Job Interview

12 Best Job Interview Questions

The interview is winding down. You’re feeling pretty good about the conversation so far, and then they ask the phrase that can strike terror in heart of interviewees:

“Do you have any questions for me?”    

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