Practice and Prepare for These 5 Common Job Interview Questions


Congratulations! After spending a fortune on tuition and many sleepless nights cramming for tests, you’ll soon be graduating from college.   

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5 Lessons That Help Take Back Control of Your Career


Considering all the new ways to work, you might assume that big corporations and their employees are on the endangered species list.

In fact, a Deloitte study finds that only 35 percent of Millennials would choose to work for a large global business…   

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Make Your LinkedIn Profile Sing: Add Media!

Singing LinkedIn

Media can take your LinkedIn profile from ho-hum to phenomenal – and compel viewers to contact you about potential collaborations, job opportunities, and more.

And yet my recent LinkedIn User Survey showed that only 39% of the respondents are taking advantage of this powerful profile feature…   

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Take These 7 Shortcuts Early in Your Career Journey


If there was a way to get where you want your career to go much faster and easier, would you take it? Most of us would, which is why we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur (YEC) this question:

Knowing what you know now, what career shortcuts could you have taken to get to where you are more quickly?   

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Is That Patchwork Resume Damaging Your Personal Brand?


Want to distinguish your resume from every other resume on the recruiter’s desk?

Yes, you can! And you don’t have to create one that looks like a patchwork quilt… you know, the kind where an individual copies phrases and sentences from the many versions of their resumes…   

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How to Work with The Most Difficult Team Members [Infographic]


We’ve all been there. We’ve all had to work with that one person in the office that challenged us… sometimes beyond what we thought our patience would allow.

Well, to help with that exact issue the next time it comes up, we have this infographic from our friends at Wrike…   

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