6 Ways to Advance Your Career Without More School

No more school

When Millennials feel trapped by their careers, they often turn back to their education. To them, it’s a comfort zone – a place they’ve known their entire life.

However, going back to school isn’t necessarily the best option for every Millennial looking to advance his or her career…   

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5 Proven Ways to Feel Empowered During a Job Interview

Take Control of the Job Interview

Eureka! You’ve finally landed an interview, did all the research on the target company, and are now sitting in the hot seat, being grilled about your background from a panel of prospective bosses.

Who exactly is control here? The employer? Wrong… You BOTH are in control.   

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For Best Results: Diversify Your Job Search

Job Search Course Change

When searching for a job, most people use a few standard criteria to determine what jobs they search for and apply for (length of commute, the salary or pay offered for the job and the benefits the job offers such as dental, health, etc.)

And in a booming job market, this narrow focus makes sense; job seekers can afford to be picky. With a nationwide unemployment rate of nearly 8%, however, it is not so easy to pick and choose these days…   

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12 Tips on How to Hunt for Your Dream Job

How to Hunt for a Job Online

Sometimes we make the job search too complicated. Sometimes, we just need to break things down in easy steps. Maybe 12 easy steps, like ManagementParadise.com has done in their infographic: “12 Tips on How to Hunt for a Job.”

Here are just three of the tips sure to help your job search…   

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Successful Millennials Share Memorable Job Interview Moments


The Young Entrepreneur Council is an amazing group of mentors and collaborators. And when we asked them to help provide advice for the YouTern community, they jumped at the chance!

So recently, we asked their members this question: During a job interview (either while job hunting or hiring) what was the most memorable thing – in a good way – that ever happened?   

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The Fine Art of Networking with Family and Friends


Many job seekers become frustrated when they feel like their networking “isn’t working.” They have attended face-t-face networking events, made notes on the backs of business cards, done the appropriate follow-ups, arranged many coffee meetings and pounded social media until their fingers bleed. Yet the opportunities aren’t flowing. From my experience, the problem is that they are typically spending way too much time growing the number of contacts they have, and not enough time cultivating their network. The fix? Make the best use of your strongest existing support system: your friends and family. Not related to the Rockefellers? Don’t worry.   

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