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Teacher Trainee (Middle School / High School) English (Writing) OR American History

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Teacher Trainee (Middle School / High School)

Two Positions Available:  One for teaching English (Writing) and the other for teaching American History

Please start by going to the following YouTube video in order to watch a video about this position:


Who We Are

Longview School is like no other.

While Longview School certainly has a rigorous pre-K through 12th grade academic program, what makes Longview unique is our supportive community where each student knows and is known by every teacher. In our small classes (3-10 students), teachers make the curriculum relevant by connecting their subjects to the students' lives. Combined with a hands-on educational approach, this inspires students to love learning. Beyond academics, Longview empowers students to become independent and responsible as they participate in our democratically-governed school with a student-led judicial system. Longview's focus on educating the whole child, academically and personally, gives our graduates an undeniable advantage as they transition to college.

The above is what we say about the school, but Longview is of course much more. It is a place created by teachers who often were successful in traditional academic settings, but who believe that education is not filling students' heads with information. Rather, it is about learning to become successful adults. For us, success is measured first and foremost by being able to lead happy lives. Not the sort of happiness that comes with seeming perfection on the outside while there is endless turmoil on the inside. No, the kind of happiness that comes from people knowing themselves well enough to be able to guide their lives towards happiness. The kind of happiness that comes when people have learned the skills to have some control over themselves and their world, having tested their mettle in a safe, supportive environment so that they leave school ready to face what comes next. The kind of happiness possessed by people who have learned independence and responsibility, at the same time that they have learned how to form meaningful and supportive relationships with peers and teachers.

If this is the sort of school you want not only to be a part of, but to have an active role in helping to create, then maybe we have a place for you.

Longview combines aspects of the Sudbury School model with more traditional academic education. So how does that work?

We have 2 educational tracks: the Sudbury track and the Academic track. Each family--parents and kids together--chooses which track is right for the child. On the Academic track, students take classes in English, math, science and social studies, in addition to electives. On the Sudbury track, students are able to choose how to fill their time at school. They can take as many or as few classes as they choose, or help to create classes in areas of their special interests. Although the classes cover fairly traditional content, there is a constant focus on hands-on learning and making the material relevant to students' lives.

Regardless of their track, all students participate in the other aspects of a Sudbury education, which include participation in:

  • a truly democratic school (run by School Meeting in which every student and each staff member get one vote);
  • a student-run judicial system to resolve conflicts among all community members;
  • a system of clerkship jobs in which students share in the real-world work of running and maintaining a school;
  • an internship system placing kids in real job settings;
  • a student-run csystem in which students take responsibility for keeping the school neat each day.

If you intend to apply for this position, then you will need to learn more about our school. You must watch our YouTube hiring video, and you should watch the videos in our Guided Introduction on our website as well,

What We Need

We are looking for a teacher trainee who is truly excited by our innovative model and who is nearly bursting with passion for inspiring children. The right person should be

  • interested in working primarily with middle school and high school students;
  • enthusiastic to teach in both traditional and non-traditional subject areas;
  • an expert in history or writing, such that you would be comfortable being thrown into planning for and teaching classes in one of these areas;
  • independent enough to be excited about learning to become a better teacher through an in-classroom teaching opportunity.\

Candidates might include

  • a teacher who is dissatisfied with her/his opportunity to reach kids in an institutionalized setting;
  • someone who is new to teaching and can't imagine working in a traditional school;
  • a person with real-life skills who wants to apply her/his knowledge through teaching;
  • a parent who is unwilling to send her/his child(ren) to public school and wants to be a part of their education;
  • a young person who is not sure what to do in life, but knows that s/he has a lot to give;
  • someone retired from teaching who can't stay away from education but won't stand for any other place than a school in which the kids are empowered;
  • someone who is uniquely qualified for reasons we haven't yet considered.

Team players are a must, as we all wear many hats.


What We're Offering

We are hiring for a 10-month position, August 28, 2017 to June 27, 2018.

The candidate we will offer the position to may choose from the following compensation options.

1) A monthly stipend of $750 and housing in an apartment/house near the school;


2) A monthly stipend of $1,200 to $1,500 (based upon experience) with no housing.

Neither health insurance nor other benefits are included.

If you have a child(ren) who you would like to enroll in the school, tuition is reduced for teaching interns. You can ask about the details about this in the interview.

We typically hire teacher interns for the first year or two, and then if they are a good fit in our school, we offer them a full-time staff position.


How to Apply

Watch the hiring video ( and thoroughly explore our website (  Then and only then, send a cover letter and resume to Mark Jacobs,

Virtual/Telecommuting Offered?: 
Position Duration (Summer, Year-Round, etc.): 
During School Year
Estimated Hours per Week: 
30 to 40
Travel Required?: 
Relocation Assistance Offered?: 
Supporting Documentation Upload (i.e., Full Job Description, Project Specifications): 

Company Information
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83 Main Street
New York (NY)
Zip Code: 

Candidate Preferences
Minimum Education Level Required: 
Minimum GPA Preferred: 
3.0 or Greater
Industry Experience: 
0 to 1 Year
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